About Scarfy

Scarfy by Leena is wearable art made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, offering more than just a piece of fabric. It represents pieces of Leena's journey, resilience, and spirit, infusing life into scarves that tell tales of empowerment and enjoyment. Scarfy invites fearless self-expression, serving as a canvas that narrates powerful stories, echoing the question — why not? It's not just a brand; it’s a statement, a question, a story, a celebration of the daring spirit in every individual. Scarfy is a declaration to the world to be courageous, take space, be seen, and heard. It’s art and beauty you drape over yourself, carrying the impactful 'Why?' - urging you to ask, challenge, and shine.

Inception: A Stitch in Time

In the tender stages of her life, amidst the rich culture and traditions of a conservative upbringing in Yemen and Sudan, a young Leena fostered a profound connection with an ever-present companion — the scarf. From a traditional headwrap to a modest accessory, it was a canvas that bore witness to the genesis of a remarkable journey. It held secrets, absorbed tears, and wrapped Leena in warmth, serving as a silent, comforting witness to her early experiences.

Rise: The Canvas of Courage

As Leena grew, so did her aspirations. The scarf transformed, evolving from a symbol of tradition to a testimony of courage, witnessing her stride boldly into the world, carving a path of success and independence in the corporate world. As she set her self to travel and discover the world, It adorned her in boardrooms and corporate halls, a symbol of a courageous woman taking space, undeterred and unstoppable. It was during this phase that the scarf transcended a mere accessory, becoming a marker of resilience, versatility, and empowerment.

Metamorphosis: From Canvas to Scarfy

In the pursuit of authenticity and self-expression, Leena turned to art, from dancing with the flow in festivals around the world to painting her heart out, bringing to life avibrant canvass of emotions, experiences, and phases of her life journey. And as she dipped her brushes and swirled the colors, In that process, she found out that the canvas that carry her art is also a scarf! The realization dawned that her lifelong companion, the scarf, was the epitome of versatility and expression, a canvas awaiting to bear her art, her story.

Scarfy with the Big 'Y'

With a heart swelling with colors of courage, joy, and the spirit of rebellion, Leena birthed "Scarfy"— a brand with the big 'Y', a questioning, a challenging, a daring to ask"why not?". Why not take up space? Why not express with courage? Why not be yourself, in every phase of life? Scarfy isn’t just about the fabric that graces your skin; it's about donning courage, embracing every phase of life with joy and empowerment. It’s about wearing your ‘why’, your statement of expression, your testament to daring, to enjoying, to being audaciously, unapologetically yourself.

The Canvas of Life

Through Scarfy, Leena offers more than a piece of fabric; she offers pieces of he journey, her resilience, and her spirit, breathing life into scarves that carry tales of empowerment and enjoyment. Scarfy invites you to express yourself fearlessly, to adorn yourself with a canvas that tells stories, echoing the powerful question — why not? Scarfy isn't just a brand; it’s a statement, a question, a story, a canvas, a celebration of the daring spirit within every individual. It's a declaration to the world to be courageous, to take space, to be seen, and to be heard. It’s a piece of art, a piece of beauty that you drape over yourself, carrying with it the powerful 'Why?' — urging you to ask, to challenge, to shine.